About us

Dunfermline and West Fife Sports Council, the second oldest in Scotland, was founded in 1967 and exists to represent member club or organisations and is one of the most progressive and active sports councils in Scotland with a membership of approximately 100 clubs representing 30 different sports.

Dunfermline and West Fife Sports Council enjoys the support of Fife CouncilFife Sports and Leisure Trust and the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust and is managed by volunteers from the local sporting community who bring with them a wide range of experience, skills and expertise.

Dunfermline and West Fife Sports Council has an Executive Committee comprising of sports specific volunteer club and school representatives together with four Fife Councillors from Fife Council.

There is an enormous range of local sports clubs varying greatly in size, ability and interest. However, all share the same need to be well organised and look to the future to ensure strong, healthy clubs in years to come.

executive Committee

Honorary President
Chair of the Dunfermline Area Committee           

Mrs Pat Reid (Tennis)

Councillor David Ross (Fife Council)

Secretary and Treasurer  
Lindsay Weir   

Group One Indoor Sports 
P. Turner (Badminton)
M. O’Neill (Fencing)
K. Forster (Hockey)

Group Two Field Sports
Dr G. Johnston (Hockey)  
Mrs N. Gibson (Cricket)


Group Three Watersports  
E. Van Der Broek (Swimming)  
R. Metcalfe (Water Polo)

Group Four Outdoor Activities 
M. Grimes (Aeromodelling)  
Councillor D. Ross (Cycling)
 J. Emeleus (Orienteering)

Councillor D. Watt (Fife Council)  
Councillor J. Calder (Fife Council)
Dr R. Ray Carnegie Dunfermline Trust
D. McArthur (Carnegie Dunfermline Trust)

Mrs M. Buchanan (Fife Council Sports Development)  
Ms P. Turner (Badminton)
Representative (Fife Active Schools)  
J.Dunbar (Fife Sports and Leisure Trust)

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